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    1. Clarity of the course content and its learning outcomes

    2. Course duration is suitable to cover its content

    3. The Theoretical and Practical exercises as well as the visual aid, are helpful to support its content

    4. This course will help me- develop my performance at work.

    5. Learning objectives are met throughout the sessions


    1. The Trainer presents each course effectively

    2. Knowledgeable and Professional in every session

    3. Ability to motivate trainees to participate and interact in discussion or group activities.

    4. Gives good example and relates to practical life experience.

    5. Answers question directly and efficiently.


    1. Classroom ambiance is good. AC in cool condition, free of dust and lightings are appropriate.

    2. Laboratory: hardware and software performance are working properly

    3. Materials/hand-outs, note pads and pens were given just on time and in good condition

    4. Up to what extent this training meet your objective in the development of theoretical and practical experiences

    5. Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning were properly explained.

    6. Course requirements and expectations were clearly provided during the induction procedure.


    1. Reception representatives are warm and friendly (greet and smile)

    2. Customer representatives assists and guides effectively

    3. Proper Course induction or orientation was done on my first day

    4. This course meets my expectations

    5. Course impression from the start up to this point

    Is this your first time in Training Plus Institute?

    What is your main objective after completing this course?

    Preparation for new product or software upgrade

    Building new skills and knowledge

    Prepare for Certification exam

    Others? (Please specify)

    How else can we serve you better in the future, any comments and suggestions?