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Level 2 Certificate in Employability Skills

Employability Skills qualifications are designed to support an individual successfully gaining a job, progressing in a chosen field, preparing the individual for further study and supporting the development of techniques required for successful independent living. These qualifications are aimed at anyone who wants to live a more independent life, progress in education and/or their employment prospects; get into a job, develop on the job or move onto the next job, as they progress along the career ladder.

The qualifications have been designed in collaboration with a range of experts from various industry sectors, training providers and employment and recruitment professionals to ensure the content matches what is needed and valued by today’s employment market, also meeting the needs for study programmes, Traineeships and TechBacs.

Course Duration

150 Hrs.

Course Objectives

Effective skills, qualities and attitudes for learning and work (Unit 502)

  • Demonstrate a range of positive qualities, attitudes and behaviours for learning and work
  • Understand why effective communication is important
  • Learn how to work effectively

Introduction to the principles of setting up a business (Unit 513)

  • Understand the rewards and risks of setting up a new business
  • Be able to identify a viable product or service to market and sell
  • Understand how to fund new business
  • Be able to identify sources of advice and support for new business

Managing yourself (Unit 520)

  • understand the importance of life/work balance
  • understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle for personal effectiveness
  • understand how to ‘work smart’
  • carry out an analysis of self-management skills

Team Working Skills (Unit 522)

  • understand the roles people may take in a teamwork situation
  • understand the role of conflict
  • understand what needs to be done to achieve a particular goal
  • work with others towards achieving shared objectives
  • reflect on own performance and that of the team

Valuing Customers (Unit 523)

  • understand the importance of customers to organizations
  • understand the importance of customer confidence and retention
  • know how to interact effectively with customer
  • understand how to develop productive relationships with customers

Understanding Conflict at Work (Unit 524)

  • Understand the cause and effect of conflict in the place of work.
  • Recognize types of behaviour that are unacceptable in a work situation.
  • Understand how conflict in a work situation can be prevented.

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