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Award Level 4 Sales Skills Fundamentals




Pre/Mid and Post Assessment (Local Achievement)




The Sales Professional Program ensures a thorough understanding & importance of the sales process by using a consultative approach and building on customer relationships, while enabling one to become more professional & successful in a sales role in line with today’s need for this type of approach.

At the end of the program participants would have gained a full understanding of both the buying & selling processes including the importance of being well organized.

And most importantly… over the period of the course, participants would have worked through the Master Step Sales Process, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced; while also working on selling (their own) products/ services, making the role-plays very realistic & practical, while yet, building loyalty and building your success at the same time!


Upon completion of the course, learner is expected to:
CO1 Interpret both the buying & selling processes including, how & why people buy while understanding the importance of being well organized as a Professional Sales Person
CO2 Illustrate the six step logical sales process, covering right from the preparation stage through the close, practicing the skills at each stage, so that their selling skills are developed & reinforced
CO3 Explain the skills in understanding the behavior pattern of customers
CO4 Summarize the importance of Customer Service particularly the ‘Lifetime Value of Customers!’



Broad Outline of Course Contents

Part A

  • What makes a Successful Sales Person? Attributes/ Skills
  • Key Activities for a Sales Professional: Plan, Prospect, Sell, Administration
  • Poor/Successful Sales Personnel-The Difference!
  • What keeps one Motivated
  • Customer Cycle-Present, Potential, and Lost Customers
  • What makes someone buy from a particular Salesperson/Company? Relationship!

Part B

Solution Selling-The Selling Process! Step1-Preparation:

  • Self-Preparation
  • Account Preparation
  • (Segmentation, Prioritizing, Account Strategy)
  • Market/Competition/Industry Information
  • Sales Tools

Step 2-Approach:

  • Telephone/ Premise
  • Understanding Customer behavior
  • (An elaborate exercise).
  • Identifying different Customers/Buyer types
  • Managing difficult people/sensitive situations

Step 3-Factfinding:

  • Building Rapport
  • Investigating-Understanding your Buyers
  • Needs- The most important stage! Why?
  • Using the C.O.R.K. Questioning Model
  • (Circumstance, Obstacles, Repercussion & Key for Solution Questions)
  • *Circumstance Questions (Background about Business & Situation)
  • *Obstacles Questions
  • (Problems, Dissatisfactions, Difficulties)
  • *Repercussion Questions (Effects, Implications or Consequences)
  • *Key for Solution Questions
  • (Value, Helpfulness, Usefulness of Solution)
  • Uncovering: Current/ Desired/ Barriers
  • Current/ Future /long term plans
  • Developing Listening Skills/ Note Taking
  • Demonstrating Capability

Step 4-Proving Value & Recommendation:

  • Introduce relevant service features
  • Show benefit of features / Difference between features/benefits
  • Importance of Selling Benefits-Selling benefits! -FAB Differentiation Grid!
  • Handling different Customer Objections/
  • Concerns
  • Handling the Price Objection

Step 5-Close:

  • What prevents us from closing?
  • Closing/ Negotiating/ Gaining a Commitment
  • Monitoring Pipeline & Closing Gaps)
  • Showing how you can help/ Being Consultative in your approach (A shift from Persuading to Understanding!)

Part C

  • Customer Service/ Follow up/ Referrals etc
  • Understanding the ‘LIFE TIME VALUE’ of your Customer!
  • Understanding the C.A.R.E Principle!
  • Action Plan

Part D

  • A few important videos would be shown to reiterate the above principles
  • Several exercises
  • Role Plays (Mock calls to build confidence)


The taught instructor-led course will be a suitable mix of lectures, tutorials, workshops, case studies, videos and hands on practical exercises. Delegates will be given immediate opportunities to apply what they have learned with real life problems and case studies. A comprehensive course workbook is at the core of this course and delegates will also be guided through additional material in the instructor-led sessions.


There are no specific prerequisites for candidates pursuing these qualifications, but it is essential to ensure that candidates have the ability and opportunity to successfully obtain the qualification. The minimum age for eligibility is 16 years.


  1. Sales Representative/Executive
  2. Account Manager
  3. Business Development Representative
  4. Sales Coordinator
  5. Inside Sales Representative
  6. Sales Support Specialist
  7. Sales Trainer

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