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Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills

City & Guilds supports learners to get a job, to get on in a job and to move onto the next job. To be successful and make progress learners need a wide range of employability skills and behaviors. The Employability Skills (5546) suite of qualifications provides a flexible way of capturing and recognizing those skills that each individual learner needs to develop. The suite provides certification at a range of levels and at various sizes to meet the needs of the learner, their learning program and destination. Qualifications are built of units from a broad bank covering a number of employability themes.

Course Duration

150 Hrs.

Course Objectives

Planning for Progression (Unit 401)

  • Understand own study or training program.
  • Know the facilities and services provided in the place of study or training.
  • Recognize personal strengths (skills, qualities and attitudes) needed for learning and work.
  • agree an action plan for self-improvement

Managing Personal Finance (Unit 402)

  • understand sources of income and outgoings
  • know how to reduce expenditure
  • understand how to plan a personal budget
  • be able to recognize the products provided by financial institutions
  • understand the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing money
  • understand how to obtain help with managing own money

Career Planning and Making Applications (Unit 405)

  • be able to choose a suitable career pathway
  • be able to identify a suitable job, training program or course
  • understand how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae
  • understand how candidates are selected for interview
  • be able to apply for a job, training placement or course
  • understand the interview process

Interview Skills (Unit 407)

  • know how to prepare for an interview
  • be able to present and perform well at an interview
  • be able to review own performance at an interview

Self-Assessment and Development (Unit 422)

  • be able to take an active role in self-assessment and self-development
  • be able to develop a plan for self-development
  • be able to implement and review a plan for self-development
  • be able to reflect on the effectiveness of the self-development plan

Course Inquiry