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Award Level 5 Digital Film Making




Pre/Mid and Post Assessments (Local)


Digital film making is an essential part of film and media industry. It is enabling filmmakers to blend art and digital media and speed up the process of filmmaking as well as be more creative and enterprising in the special effects department.

Digital media is used to produce effects & realistic environments in films. Through visual effects, the artists can make create water effects, natural disasters, flying objects, superpowers and other special effects that are difficult or impossible to shoot in real life. Digital media also changes dramatically the way a film is created, and make it possible to appear a huge range of opportunities to innovate, reduce the production and post-production time. There is a growing demand for film and video entertainment, which makes the opportunities in this field promising.


Upon completion of the course, learner is expected to:
CO1 Execute the Photoshop environment
CO2 Implement with image areas, multiple layers, save images in the web, print, and PDF formats
CO3 Classify the basic functionality, features and principles of 3ds Max
CO4 Summarize 3D data in 3ds Max, import data from other 3D applications
CO5 Compare embellish scenes with the use of materials and maps, execute adequate lighting for your environments
CO6 Abstract animate objects in the scene, render still pictures and animations to disk for later viewing
CO7 Represent video layer, transitions effects, adding sounding, basic animation, intermediate animation, color keying, animation assistants
CO8 Contrast Time and Tracking, working with sequences of images in a cohesive manner as well as working with 3D



Module 01:

  • Review basic workflows and tools in Digital film making (DFM)

Module 02:

  • Composite images and prepare art works

Module 03:

  • 2D images and background making process with HD quality

Module 04:

  • Create graphics, icons and other UI elements

Module 05:

  • converting and modeling 3D Objects

Module 06:

  • 3D Animation process and packaging

Module 07:

  • Exporting and importing contents to composite film (video footage)

Module 08:

  • Composition tools for Digital film

Module 09:

  • Export and make HD Quality output film

Module 10:

  • Adding Audio narration and background score


The taught instructor-led course will be a suitable mix of lectures, tutorials, workshops, case studies, videos and hands on practical exercises. Delegates will be given immediate opportunities to apply what they have learned with real life problems and case studies. A comprehensive course workbook is at the core of this course and delegates will also be guided through additional material in the instructor-led sessions.


Candidates undertaking these qualifications are not required to meet any specific entry criteria. However, it is the responsibility of the centers to ensure that candidates possess the necessary potential and opportunities to successfully achieve the qualification.

Minimum age requirement : 16 years.


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