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Leadership Development Program

If you knew of a unique and powerful program that enables you as a leader or business owner to take your team to new heights, would you want to know more? This is your chance to do just that and discover the tools for Permanent Business Success.

Top leaders have become top leaders by learning ways to motivate, inspire, lead and empower people. They have mastered the skills without which others have failed. In most cases, they’ve gained these skills through trial-and-error, experience, personal and professional development.

These top leaders have learned how to create and inspire motivated, empowered, effective, efficient, caring teams who strive for excellence in all they do. LPBR saves you the painful and time consuming process of learning through trial and error, by learning from the experiences of the best leaders.

There is a huge difference between leaders and those who lead. Leaders have a position of influence and power. Those who lead on the other hand, “inspire”. People naturally want to follow those who lead not because they have to, but because they want to.

Course Duration

60 Hrs.

Course Objectives

  • Developing the leader within you-c
  • 30 tips for becoming an inspired leader
  • It all starts with YOU: Discover your team player style
  • Building a team that’s a reflection of you
  • Leadership mistakes you don’t have to make
  • Light the fire of excellence in your team
  • Speak so others know how to follow
  • Positive feedback … the fuel of high performance
  • A team approach to dealing with unacceptable behavior
  • What teams really need from their leaders
  • Developing your infinite potential as a leader
  • How to discover and tap into your inner strengths?
  • Secrets to becoming an inspired leader
  • Save years of personal experience in becoming a great leader
  • Creating a business environment through which the team can thrive & grow
  • Understanding you in order to understand others and lead them
  • Building a team that is driven by a common mission working towards common goals
  • Inspire the craving for excellence in your team
  • How to determine what your team expect from their leader
  • Learn when to lead and when to follow (the six leadership types)
  • Applications of learned skills as a tool to improve individual and team performance
  • Develop effective communication skills

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