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Social Media Skills

We communicate has changed – and your sales tactics also need to change if you want to stay in the game. In a short space of time Social Media has become the most important platform for initiating and maintaining communication with customers. Get ready to overhaul your sales approach by using social technology to find and sell to new customers.

Online Social Technologies are moving business forward like never before in history. The adoption curve has crested and those left in the dark may not survive. Do you have the right tools and process strategies in place to take part in the ongoing social conversation and make the most of your online presence?

Course Duration

24 Hours

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of Social Media in Business
  • Learn how to stand out from the crowd by creating a compelling business profile that will attract their ideal clients to them and their company.
  • Learn how to use most important social media portals for marketing (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google + ) and how to manage social media portals, write content, documentation social media policy, social media campaigns planning and development, social media team management, when and how to deal with out-source social media company.

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