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Test of English Legal Skills (TOLES) Foundation

General English and legal English are two different languages.  English lawyers write in a separate language than other people in their country, just as lawyers in any other country do.  Legal English frequently uses unusual sentence structures. Lawyers frequently utilize terminology that have been out of regular usage for centuries.  It’s necessary to study and practice new prepositions.  Every page of a business contract or letter contains a new technical term that must be understood. The goal of this course is to examine real legal setting, not made-up ones.  Due to this, there is a high emphasis on real-world tasks and jobs that require practical application, as well as on candidates’ ability to understand terminology right once.




By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Use appropriate legal terminology when speaking with clients and legal experts, and be conversant with contemporary legal writing style
  • Be able to spot frequent grammatical errors and recognize proper prepositions and collocations in a legal setting, especially one involving written contracts.
  • Accurately provide written answers in a legal context and note progress in their reading and comprehension of legal materials.


The following are the career pathways and job roles related to this program:

  • Lawyer
  • Legal Professional
  • Translators
  • Contract Assistants
  • Managers

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