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TOLES and Training Plus Institute announce a partnership Agreement

TOLES and Training Plus Institute announce a partnership agreement (2023) – Training Plus Institute is excited to share that it has collaborated with TOLES to deliver their applicable, precise, and practical test in the field of law to fulfill the requirements of the Bahrain market. By collaborating with TOLES, we will be able to cover law topics using the English Language, with a focus on business law terminologies and contract language comprehension ranging from the fields of labor, legal profession, and banking.

The exam levels of TOLES represent successive steps toward achieving the level of legal English needed by the Bahraini employers including top-tier translators, in-house legal departments of private enterprises, and international commercial law firms.

Faqia Al Amer, Director, Training Plus Institute says:

“Training Plus Institute is delighted to announce that with its collaboration with TOLES, the Institute will be able to help Bahraini law students and non-native English speakers to demonstrate their proficiency in Legal English.”