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Training Plus Institute having full access to the all IT Specialist Exams of Pearson VUE

Training Plus Institute has been an active PVTC partner of Pearson VUE since 2000 and we are delighted to share that we have gained the full access to the IT Specialist Exams and accompanying courses supplied by Pearson VUE.

Faiqa Al Amer, Director, Training Plus Institute said : “We’re thrilled about our years of relationship with Pearson VUE and we look forward to continue this partnership because it is the most efficient testing system and allows us incredible control and freedom over our ability to conduct our business our way. This arrangement also makes it simple for us to provide same-day testing. Together, we are giving more applicants the chance to earn valuable credentials and develop their careers”

We will continue to assist students, staff, and members of any community by giving them access to certifications and qualifications that advance their skills and knowledge as a Pearson VUE Testing facility. In addition, delivering professional and IT tests for renowned international programs like CompTIA, Cisco, Oracle, HP, and VMware complements NIT’s current offers and advances our development.